23 Jun 2022

Play14 in Madrid

The other week I spent the weekend at Play14 Madrid. I've never been to one of the Play14 events before, but had heard great things about them, plus I knew some of the organisers.

The opening evening on the Friday was an outdoor escape room around the centre of Madrid, but unfortunately I could only go for the intro part of this, as my cousins band, Seafret, were playing in Madrid that evening, …

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05 May 2022

Blended Learning for Health Extension Workers in Ethiopia

Over the last months, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and Last Mile Health has been running blended learning training with Health Extension Workers, the app they're using is an implementation of OppiaMobile, so we've been working closely with them on this. Here's a video about the project:

and there is more info on the Last Mile Health website.

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06 Nov 2021

Digital Campus now an Industry Partner for EMC

Digital Campus is now an Industry Partner for the Experts in Medical Computing course.

A key component of this course is an internship, and we're offering an internship placement. Since I'm also a student on this course, I'll be in the position of doing an internship myself, plus supporting another students internship.

Early next week, I'll be giving a presentation to the current students on EMC, so will post it up after I've given …

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31 Oct 2021

Digital Campus Workshop in Madrid

From 18-22 Oct we had a team workshop in Spain, at the Insular co-working space (

Since we all usually work remotely, it's great that we can have some time occasionally to work directly together in the same place at the same time, as we can be very productive in these workshops. We've had these types of workshops several times over the last years, usually in Alcala, but also one in Joensuu, Finland, …

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22 Oct 2021

OppiaMobile - challenges and lessons learned

Here's a presentation I did for GiZ staff (in Germany and Ethiopia) last week about the challenges, lessons learned and results in implementing OppiaMobile over the last ~8 years in various countries:

OppiaMobile - Mobile Learning for Frontline Health Workers from Alex Little
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