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Hi, I'm a technical developer and advisor, specialising in mobile learning and educational technology for low-resource environments.

Over the last years, I've supported the implementation of a range technologies to help improve the training of rural health workers, mainly in Ethiopia, but also in Liberia, Uganda, Nigeria, India, Zambia, Ghana, Lebanon and Pakistan.

I'm a keen proponent of the use of Open Source Software, Agile MethodologiesCreative Commons licensing and the Principles for Digital Development.

If you would like to find out more about how I could support your work and organisation then please contact me.


23 Jun 2022

Play14 in Madrid

The other week I spent the weekend at Play14 Madrid. I've never been to one of the Play14 events before, but had heard great things about them, plus I knew some of the organisers.

The opening evening on the Friday was an outdoor escape room around the centre of Madrid, but unfortunately I could only go for the intro part of this, as my cousins band, Seafret, were playing in Madrid that evening, …

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05 May 2022

Blended Learning for Health Extension Workers in Ethiopia

Over the last months, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and Last Mile Health has been running blended learning training with Health Extension Workers, the app they're using is an implementation of OppiaMobile, so we've been working closely with them on this. Here's a video about the project:

and there is more info on the Last Mile Health website.

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06 Nov 2021

Digital Campus now an Industry Partner for EMC

Digital Campus is now an Industry Partner for the Experts in Medical Computing course.

A key component of this course is an internship, and we're offering an internship placement. Since I'm also a student on this course, I'll be in the position of doing an internship myself, plus supporting another students internship.

Early next week, I'll be giving a presentation to the current students on EMC, so will post it up after I've given …

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My main focus is on the technical development and deployment of the OppiaMobile learning platform:



OppiaMobile is an open source mobile learning platform from Digital Campus for delivering learning content, video and quizzes. All the content and activities can be accessed and used even when no internet connection is available. When a connection becomes available, tracking and quiz scores are sent back to the server for tutors, teachers and trainers to track the progress of their learners. Learners earn points and badges for completing activities and modules.

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