Kicking off my new blog/news

16 Oct 2021

It's been many years now since I've been writing regular blog posts, I was writing pretty regularly from ~2006 up until ~2015, but a few weeks of not posting anything turned into a few months, and then a few years. So I'm starting afresh here, and hope to get back into the habit.

Probably I'll share some of the posts/information here up on my LinkedIn profile and also on the Digital Campus website.

So what's happening...

I recently started a course, Experts in Medical Computing ( a post graduate level course run by University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

So far all has been going very well, making good progress on the courses (so I think at least!), and finding it very interesting and relevant to my work. For the optional courses, I've now pretty much finally decided, I'll do:

  • Leadership, Management and Innovations in Business Management
  • Introduction to Python
  • Being an Agile Leader
  • Big Data and IoT

Part of the course includes (roughly monthly) online symposiums, so far we've had Multimodal Medical Engineering and then another in Artificial Intelligence (run by Kuopio University Hospital and UEF).